Emergency Electric Power Restoration & Disaster Response Professionals
Committed To Supporting The Electric Utility Industry In Strengthening Distribution Systems & Local Craft Workforces

When communities suffer the devastation associated with floods, tornados, hurricanes, wild fires or major storms, they need fast and reliable professionals to restore electrical power as soon as possible. We stand ready 24 hours a day to provide emergency response services to electric utilities, electric cooperatives, states, municipalities and government agencies. Our experienced electric power line clearance and construction professionals can help you coordinate and execute your logistical restoration plan; or serve as a team member to the compliment of other professionals in your service area to achieve the fastest and most cost-efficient power restoration strategy. Whether it is routine distribution line clearance maintenance, new construction or emergency response, if you are interested in hearing from a competitive energy distribution reliability service provider, we welcome the opportunity to share our value-added service and local workforce development approaches with you.



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